Dreaming; Night of
October 26, 1984

       8:19              A number of strange dreams. In an early part, I was with a bunch of men at this big pool of water. There was some sort of water wrestling competition going on, and, after watching a while, I joined in and beat the champion. Then either he or someone else I killed accidentally, and the body sank down into the deep silt at a forgotten corner bottom of the huge pool—about 14 feet down. Later, it was night and I was in there alone, wary of the pool. I fell in or something and the unrecognizable, worm-eaten, Pacific Comics-like corpse attacked me and pulled me to the bottom. In a panic, I broke free and escaped. For the rest of the dream, I was trying to overcome the neurosis and psychic scars that resulted from this experience. Later, some girl and I were walking around; she was trying to help me back to a healthy state of mind (I was pretty normal, but had a deep-rooted fear and was very nervous outwardly). We were far away from any part of the structure I'd been in before. We had for some time had two little white fluff dogs with us on leashes. For the first and only time in the deam, we went outside to cross over either to another huge structure or, more likely, to another part of the first. Outside it looked like the busiest, most populous part of NYC. Cars were rushing along a huge street, all around which huge, conected buildings could be seen. It was night, but street and other lights made it quite bright. Also, I seem to remember it as being cold—maybe 45 degrees F. We quickly went to another entrance and into a shop. We closed the door behind us and decided, since the dogs had been leashed for some time, to give them a free run. We loosed them, whereupon they instantly ran further into the shop, out an open door, and into the street, where they were instantly killed. Someone picked up one of the bodies and held it up for us to see—it was flat and limp, but bloodless. Else. (G)