Dreaming; Night of
October 19, 1984

       6:38              We were in Illinois visiting R's relatives, or some such. M, C, and I were dropped off somewhere and after a bit began to walk back. After a while, we passed three men hoeing along the side of the road. Two vanished after we went past, but one big guy attacked us. I had to beat him up, and, boy, did I pull some moves! After I decimated him, we continued walking, until we came to the back of some house-like place. We were about to cut around it when a large brown, very thin dog came out and began growling at us. I noticed that there was a great amount of foam around his mouth and decided that we had better get out of there fast. I ran back the way we had come, through a gate; and, from the other side of the fence, I yelled at the dog and got him to come over to the fence. The others managed to escape off the other direction. I was standing there, trapped on the other side, wondering what to do, when suddenly laughter broke out from the direction in which they had gone. An old man came around the corner and, from a large mug of root beer, gave the dog a drink, leaving behind a startling residue of foam! Relieved, I walked past the dog, warily, and went around the corner around which they had gone. It turned out that it was not a house but the back of a restaurant. They were sitting at a table with R about to order, and I joined them. Oh, yes. The place that we were at in the beginning was a Southland Comics-type place, much better, though. I didn't have much time to look around, as the others were waiting outside, in a hurry to leave. There were lots of neat things, though. As we were leaving, we saw two men playing with a toy. Each had a shooter/catcher. One would shoot a little trapeze man at the other, who would then try to catch him on a bar, so that he would swing freely. A man missed and the little man-figure flew over and landed on the ground beside us. I picked it up and handed it to him. My mother was interested in the toy, so he showed her how it worked. He said that the shop was trying to sell the game for $600, upon which I laughed, scoffed, and we left to walk back as above. Else before this part even. (H)

       9:37              I was in Germany, driving a German friend about. The roads turned out to be extremely trecherous; and, finally, I missed a sharp turn onto a narrow plank bridge across a canyon and plunged over 300 feet straight down. We landed in the large lake which filled the area, and at some point, the German friend turned into V. It turned out that we had landed at the doorstep of the cavic comic shoppe/bakery/resort owned by my uncle or some other relative who looked like Louie's papa [Seeing Things]. V and I looked through the huge quantities of comics (great), and then V saw CS and went off with him. I took on the responsibility of running the resort part, and things began to happen. At the end, I had managed to get some of the guests to come help me guard the lagoon from the floating poops of some former neighbors. Just as we succeeded, one big fat man was bit by a snake. Another snake I caught, but it squirmed its way free. When told he would have to go to the hospital, fat man fainted. Else. (G)