Dreaming; Night of
October 12, 1984

       5:48              Excellent dream! It was an adventure dream with a little magic that took place mostly in the poorer section of a very large city. It is quickly fading, so I don't remember the details, but I was fighting some bad guys and there was at least one other person (a girl?) and maybe a few others on my side at first. The evil were very powerful, and although I seemed to be winning at first, I ran into some problems after a bit. My partner(s) were either captured or killed and I was worn down into a frazzle. Some female agents of the bad guys chased me and threw glass liquid-gas cannisters on the floor after me as I raced to escape after speaking with them. We were in a large building. I was getting weaker and weaker and was afraid that I would be caught (killed?) like the others. I managed to make my way through a series of doors out into the open street. It was almost night and there were a number of people about who ignored me as I stumbled out onto the sidewalk. At this point, my point of view shifted for a second and I saw myself as I was: exhausted, old-looking, poorly dressed in dirty and torn clothing, staggering about like a drunk and speaking in a throaty whisper as a result of the gas. Then I shifted back to the first person point of view. I began to fear that the evil ones were about to race out and grab me, when, lo and behold, I saw N standing at the edge of the street. He saw me, and I rushed forward and collapsed, exhausted, in his arms. I told him that he must get me out of there immediately, having to use pure force (of words) to get him to comply, as he obviously thought that I was now a drunk, possibly on drugs. He took me to his brand-new pickup truck and we drove off. (He seemed very tall, although he was probably only about 6'5", because I was abnormally short and broad.) Later, I was in a little restaurant-cafe beyond the outskirts of the town, as I raced for safety (having recovered from the gas's effects). I went to the bathroom and came back out. After a while, some bad guys burst in, and I fled toward the rear. The waitress who had been serving me told me that there was a false (or second) bathroom next to the other one and that it had a window from which I could escape (she obviously thought I was fleeing the cops and had the hick anti-cop attitude). I, as my dreaming self, did not hear her, because at this point a narrator's voice came on and announced what she was saying. I ran to the back and went into the other bathroom. It had a tiny, barred window. I had gone into the right (wrong) one, accidently, the first time. The waitress came back and pointed this out, although I'd figured it out, and I went into the other one, out the large window, and fled. Else. (G)