Dreaming; Night of
September 8, 1984

       8:18              3I was an android, and I was sent to infiltrate a strange sort of camp/school to save a girl (although I had a loss of memory and didn't remember this until the very end). Stuff happened, including an unrelated major plot line. Finally I got sick of the "headmaster" and threw a ball of some white, soapy like stuff. I was immediately kicked out. Later, I ran into J, whom I had fallen for a bit. It was she that I was supposed to rescue. I talked with her, trying to convince her of my worth. I made a big show of pricking my finger to show that I was really human. Imagine my surprise when I did bleed! I really was human, and had been misled into believing that I was artificial! It turned out that she, being the daughter of the head of the organization that I was an agent for, had known this all along. (G)