Dreaming; Night of
June 22, 1984

       7:36              I inheirited a large house out in the middle of nowhere, maybe in the Arizona desert. It was old, and to avoid paying his debts my relative had set it up as a haunted house with all of his good stuff in hiding. I was taken there by someone who knew the secret of how to penetrate to the hidden levels and claim the hosue, but he wasn't about to tell me. I had to figure it out for myself and I did, and it was great. It wasn't like a typical haunted house, it was real. Else. (G)
       9:49              3I was in the Philippines and was being given a tour of my old house. It had changed somewhat, been added onto making it much larger. It turned out that it was owned by an uppity sort of lady. R, P, and I and even R and maybe A were trying to get her to hire us. Right after this I told everyone to look at their hands and looked at mine, but, remembering what happened last time and not wanting to lose the dream, I did it very quickly and then continued with the dream. It turned out that we were all there as agents of some kind, working together against some bad guys. I was alone when I got attacked by one of the bad guys with a shovel and later a rake. I beat him into submission. A great girl came out of the house in the carport of which we were fighting (at night). I told her to remove her dress so I could use it to tie the bad guy up. She was reluctant, but I kept pressuring her, saying to "hurry, hurry," and she did. She was wearing a slip under it and I was just getting her to take that off too when a bunch of people came. I ran, escaping on rooftops disguised as a god, to a temple sort of thing on a cliff. This was one of our group's hideout/headquarters and was connected to a series of tunnels which led to others. Two of our operatives were stretched out on the floor just inside the door, which I slammed shut in the face of a pursuing bad guy. They quickly came to and said that they had been overpowered and that the "Russians" were on the attack. I woke up. (G)
     3(cont.)When I first was going into the Philippines house, making my way toward my room, the hall was very small. My shoulders could barely fit and I felt like they were closing in and threatening to crush me. I forced my way in, however, and they seemed to retreat back to normal and beyond, for all of the rooms and halls after that were very large.