Dreaming; Night of
June 8, 1984

       10:12              2I was asleep and woke up. I reached over to my DN to write down a very important dream. Wait, back up. I was experiencing something very important, something that had to do with J. Then I woke up as above. I got up and went over to my notebook and started to write my dream down. For some reason which seemed natural, my pen was in a Coffeemate-type jar. There was a fine powder in there with it, but this, too, seemed normal. What didn't seem normal, however, was when I reached for the pen I saw worms wriggling around in the jar. Something was very wrong. All of a sudden, I woke up. There were a couple of people awake in the room—friends or guards. I asked them if they had seen me do anything while I was asleep. They said that I'd gotten up, walked over to where my notebook was, and then done some stuff, all while asleep. I became very excited, because I "realized" that I'd had a vision of an important future dream and time. I began to plan how to meet this disastrous future, and tried to return to the dream before. Then I woke up here and began writing this down. The original dream with J was very involved and good. A priestess-like lady threatened me right before I "woke up" for the first time. After I'd awoken, I turned in my DN to a page which had marked a "recurrent theme B {name}" and said that I would contact my Hindu friends to combat some mystical thing or power she had. (G)