Dreaming; Night of
May 4, 1984

       6:05              1I went to a fancy restaurant. I was wearing a fancy loin cloth-thing and had a cape made out of a fantasy poster that had the same coloration as my Boris but had a picture of me, muscled in my fantasy apparel. I went in and snuck into a back room. I found a clothes store and snuck into the dressing room. Going through a small opening hidden in the dressing room, I made my way to a weird old movie theater. It was large and had all sorts of corners. I had the feeling all the time (and I think earlier it was more specific) that I was trying to elude a pursuer. When I entered the theater, it was dark and full of people. I bumped into a couple of girls, and talked to one briefly. Then I went to a little drainage level place and lay there where no one could see me. A few minutes later, a funny man in a Roman-type uniform approached. He was bent over, almost on his hands and knees, saying "I am a (something like Heitzig), I search everywhere." Soon, he looked over the ledge and saw me. I jumped up and tried to lie my way out of it. It came out that he'd been told to be on the lookout for some guy (me), but I managed to smooth-talk him into almost believing it wasn't me. At one point, he asked me why there was a bullet hole in my cape, but it was in a corner, so I told him that that was not a bullet hole but where I'd put the pin to hang the poster. Then he had to leave for a second and, promising to wait right there, I split the moment he left. I made my way into a futuristic maze of passageways and rooms. I went through secret doors that I'd bump into and open accidently, at random. Finally, I came to a really strange place that may have been a bowling alley—all lit up with lights and oddly furnished. I approached an elevator and then it hit me. "This is great!" I thought, not knowing what I was talking about. Then I realized, I was dreaming! And what a great dream it was! Then I remembered...I looked at my hands, pulled them up for a better view, and looked them over well as I entered the elevator. Then, my vision began to fade. I struggled, but after one very brief respite, I lost the dream and woke up. More happened in the beginning, though, that I can't remember. (G)
     2I thought, "Man, I've got to write this dream down," and after a couple of seconds of fighting off the sleep, I reached up to turn on my light. It didn't come on. Then I realized that my clock was off. The electricity had gone off, and I thought I heard rain outside. I got up, and made my way to the living room. Everyone was congregated there with some powerful Black&Decker-like flashlights. I talked for a minute, and then went into the kitchen. By the wall clock, I could see that it was only around midnight. Then, or shortly after, I really woke up to find that the power was on and that it was 6:05. (K)