Dreaming; Night of
April 12, 1984

       6:20              3Great! I, and some others, were travelling through the streets of a fantastic town. It was like a cross between New Orlean's French Quarter, Disney World, and Sanctuary. We went into a store and, via a back connecting entrance, to another. We saw a rickety old wooden staircase that led to an old loft-like thing high above an auditorium. We climbed up and saw that there were about 20 girls up there waiting to get down on the other side, one by one, for a beauty contest or something. There was a large crowd watching from below, and they soon saw us. Shortly after, about 40 blue-uniformed policemen appeared down below and covered the exits. They began to come up to get us. I had struck up a conversation with one of the girls, but now, left with no choice, I jumped off the back of the platform (which was about 40 ft. high). I grabbed onto various pipes and things to slow my descent, and, when that didn't work too well, onto the stage-like curtain. The curtain tore, and I swung down, following the rip. I got down amidst the chaos and squeezed outside from between two old wooden-wall boards. I ran a short way, turned around, and walked nonchalantly in the other direction. The police never even gave me a second look after that. Much later, V and I and another were doing something in this city. We were forced (?) to go into this newsstand and ask about a supposed friend of ours that we were "looking" for. The owner didn't recognize the name of the place until we suggested that it'd been changed to "Mama's." Then he directed us there. Then things became awkward as he waited for V to tip him, which he wouldn't do. Finally, I reached into my pocket and pulled out some very foreign change. Then V brought out, among others, my Straits Settlement coin, which I told him not to spend. Lots more before. (G)