Dreaming; Night of
April 6, 1984

       8:30              3Finally, a fort dream! V and I and the family had gone to Grand Terre. We quickly broke away from the others and went to the fort. There had been a good bit of wooden scaffolding put up, but no real work done yet. It wasn't the real fort, but a stone one I dreamed of several years ago. We walked the perimeter looking for a good entry point. They had guards sitting at various points, covering the access points. One of them, red-haired, who looked a lot like G from work, sort of looked asleep, so we made a break for the about 8-ft. stone perimeter wall and started to climb over. He started yelling about us breaking state and national laws and such, but we kept on. While his attention was on us, a small crowd ran past him and started trying to get up, just like on a Monty Python thing. I don't believe any of the others made it, however. We walked along the top on the outer plaza, looking for a way into the lower reaches of the fort, which was part dungeon, part cave as well. We found some windows in the stone wall, but they started off with a width of about 2.5 ft. and went back into the wall about 2.5 ft., narrowing all the while. I thought at the time that I must have grown a lot or something, because I'd used them for entry the last time. We then went to the Castle, which was above and connected to the fort below. This was open to the public as a museum and cultural center; and, in fact, a (my?) high school orchestra was having some sort of exhibition concert there, generating quite a crowd. We entered through one door and walked a short way down a hall and entered a room, looking for a way below. There was no other way out of the room, which, as all of the house, was decorated in the manner of the restored plantation homes and mansions of yesteryear. As we got into the room, something started spraying water into a bowl. At first, I thought we'd broken something, but then I saw that it was an antique water clock announcing the hour. A couple of chamber maid-types came into the room, and we left. Somewhere before this, I'd lost my shoes and, as usual, I tried to make this seem good in some way. I remarked to V that I could be extremely quiet as I glided down the hall across the waxed wooden floors . We reached the end of the hall and saw a large room with music emanating from it. I got there first and peeked in and recognized the tune. When V got there, I told him that they were playing the theme music from "The Irish R.M." perfectly, but by the time he arrived (a matter of seconds), they had begun to play so badly that you could barely tell what they were trying to play. We left and walked back down the hall, still looking for the entrance that I remembered to be there. (Oh yes, when we had been walking toward the music, me in my socked feet, I saw J in passing. There was a fairly large crowd about.) Finally, we saw a staircase that went both up and down (we were on the ground floor). This was what I'd been looking for. It was roped off, and we heard someone coming so we quickly jumped rope and climbed up (how dumb) part of one flight to allow him to pass. He didn't and instead forced us to climb further, hoping he would get off at another floor. He didn't, and we went up 3 more flights of stairs to the uppermost attic-like place. We chose a room at random and entered it; and, when we heard him about to enter the room we'd chosen, we picked a random closet and hid behind some old mattresses or something. Here the real dream faded out, and I had a quick vision of him finding us (having been following us the whole time) and, being huge, picking us up between 3 fingers and placing us on a table like weebles. As I say, this was just a bit of bedlam latched on to the end and was not how it would have truly ended. (G)