Dreaming; Night of
January 14, 1983

       8:09              1M was there. We were at a little cliff above a ravine covered in snow. At the bottom was a pool. I climbed down and took a swim. I made a snowball and thought to myself, "Boy, this seems real for a dream," but I lost my lucidity.
     2Somehow a terrible hate developed between me and CP, and we had a minor war of wits and such.
     3I was playing football (college or pro), and I was hit hard after a particular carry. I was transported to an alternate world of some sort, and was captured by these bad guys along with four people from that world. They were trying to drive us away, but two of the others made a run for it. They chased them and I broke the bonds of the remaining girl, and we headed out into the woods along a path. One of the bad guys came and followed, and I took out the only weapon we had: my red pocketknife. I never used it, though, because I was afraid it would close on my fingers if I tried to stab the guy. Finally we evaded him, and were resting against the side of an old shack. I had another flashback to the football game and then came back and told the girl that our team had won. I said I was going back now and she began to get upset and told me she loved me and wanted to have my baby. I asked her about the one she already had (where it came from, I don't know; it just appeared!), of which I had not yet had a good view. She showed it to me and it was missing an arm and had a damaged kidney (the first I saw, the second she told me). It died of pneumonia while we stood there. We then took some horses and rode into town. I then had a flash-forward to us at the end of the aisle, with all the pews full of people, walking up to a little platform and sitting on a bench, all the while talking to the clergyman who had just married us. He said something about hoping we'd be happy, and I put my arm around her and said I knew we would, to which she agreed. Then the scene got dim and faded out, and I awoke.