Dreaming; Night of
December 10, 1986

       9:32              3Else before. I was with M and maybe C. We were exploring an old castle-like structure. They went down a spiral staircase in a stone tower, but it was so tight that I was afraid I'd get stuck if I tried to go down. When they came back up, they told me that there was an old stable below. A slight shift, and M and I were being invited to eat by the owners of the place, who turned out to be the Rs. After a period of table talk, I noticed that my father was there as well. Then there was an animated scene which brought back strong memories of my infancy. I don't know whether I was remembering having seen it in North Carolina or if it actually narrated scenes from that time. A slight shift and a bit else. Then I remember gazing out of an upper-story window to the driveway below. A couple of old-fashioned cars were parked there, and at the time, I knew why. I was highly amused, however, to see that by looking past them over the stone wall/hedge that defined the property, I could see a distant interstate, on which travelled cars of a modern design. I remarked that whoever was responsible for the setting (which was supposed to be some indeterminable time in the past) had goofed. A bit else, and I became aware that something was amiss. I went into a small room and began talking to a young girl. She revealed to me that there were people who were in communication with her that were not what they seemed. I no longer remember the details, but apparently there were beings that had reanimated a large number of just-dead humans—I was shown some photographs, including one of a bloody suicide victim—and who could communicate amongst themselves through some form of telepathy. For some reason, they wanted to enlist my help. The girl gave me a box of books to read through to get an idea of their nature and organization. They varied from volumes of pseudo-science to a children's story which I remembered having read as a child. Then a small black boy came in and wanted to look at one of the books. He was one of them, but I wasn't sure whether to trust him. He said that the books weren't mine anyway, to which I responded that they were in my trust. The girl signalled that it was okay to let him use them, so I did. A bit else. Then I was leaving. I got onto a small elevator to go down to ground level. After a suspiciously long time without arriving, I realized that they must, for some reason, have decided to finish me off. I began to panic somewhat. The air was warm and stuffy and the space was about five feet square. I could hear a humming as though the elevator were in motion. I poinded on the single button (since the elevator only serviced two floors) to no effect. I looked up, but the ceiling looked like it would be difficult to exit through. (G)