Dreaming; Night of
November 25, 1986

       7:31              2I was with some others on a rocky beach. We were there as a group, but there were others about as well. There was a sub-plot of a girl in our group overcoming her shyness to wear a bikini. I walked to the shoreline and saw that a three-year-old girl of our group was being washed out to sea. I jumped into the crashing waves and swam out to her. I took hold of her and began to make my way back to shore, trying to make sure she got enough air to breathe. After some initial success, my strength began to fail, and we were pushed further out and under. Then two guys in their thirties came over on surfboards and helped us to shore. I didn't see any of the jellyfish on the beach which I'd had to carefully avoid on my way down. I thanked the guys, and it turned out that one of them had a Ph.D. in surfing. I took the little girl up to our group, and then I and another guy walked down to the water again. The surfers were there, and they offered us their surfboards to try and use. We took them and paddled our way out to sea a little, thinking to ride the waves back in. I lost my board, however, and went racing (swimming) after it, with my friend right behind me. We came to a place that was like a fast-moving river, surrounded on two sides by a high rocky ledge. We were atop this ledge and could see the surfboard moving back and forth on the water below. Down by the water were several family groups, who tried to help catch it for me. I swung down so that I was holding onto an overhanging rock and was about to drop when I saw a girl of about five years standing in the water below me, only about knee-deep. Since I was 20-25 feet up, I no longer wanted to drop down, but since there was no way that I could get back up onto the ledge, where my friend watched anxiously, I let go. (G)