Dreaming; Night of
November 19, 1986

       12:19              4Else before. A lot of people were milling about acting strangely, seemingly acting out a role. I recognized Dr. R among them. Some sort of little robot-thing rolled across the room, and I followed the tracks it had rolled on back the way it had come. I made my way across a couple of rooms into one where there was a low, round table surrounded by soft chairs. In each was a brief role description. I skimmed over one, which ended up saying to look under the cushion on the chair. I found an envelope with a note in it. I immediately lifted up the cushion of the next chair over and found another note. Someone complained at this action (a disembodied voice?), and I suddenly became aware that I was in some sort of game scenario, perhaps being acted out wholly within my mind (computer-aided?) and that I'd broken the rules by trying to follow two possible plotlines at the same time. I abandoned all of the roles and strode purposefully out of the room, intending, I think, to get to the bottom of things. I was distracted, however, by an attractive woman on a couch who made certain suggestive movements. I went over to her and discovered that she represented the "sexual fantasy" branch of the "game." This dream was particularly interesting in its concept and in its coherency of concept. (G)