Dreaming; Night of
November 15, 1986

       5:34              2I and two buddies went to investigate some strange goingson at an evangelist's "town." We pulled some scams and snuck our way into an inner chamber that we had deduced must be there. We snooped around a bit. I found a large trunk-like box and for some reason got into it. Someone locked me in and the inner portion of the box turned me over and over like a clothes dryer. Then it stopped, and one of my friends let me out. I saw that the two guards that had come in had been dealt with, but that my other friend had been killed in the fight. We started to leave but heard someone coming. We attempted to hide, but there was no good place, and we were seen immediately. It was the leader of the place. He began to speak to the three of us (our "dead" friend was no longer dead and had rejoined us) about the mysteries we had come to investigate. He somehow hooked us into a mind show of some sort. It was an animated account of the death of the warring world he'd come from and his coming to Earth. After we'd "seen" this, he tried to win us over to his side. He'd researched our backgrounds and offered us that which we most wanted. We refused. Several times in this dream I knew myself to be dreaming and manipulated the dream fabric when the dream threatened to end or shift. The unprecedented success I had in this resulted in a particularly long, coherent, and cohesive dream; all I've recorded here was basically one scene, without a single cut! I was never truly aware, however, in the sense that the complete "me" (total memories, reasoning power) never surfaced. I did, however, demonstrate an amazing savvy in dream control and retention, at one point demonstrating to an invisible audience the method by which I retained the dream when it had begun to fade. In the animated sequence, I was struck by the clarity and detail of what I saw. I rued the fact that I wasn't an artist who could reproduce the scenes to my profit upon waking, and thought that artistic skill must be a function of a good memory for detail. Else before. (G)