Dreaming; Night of
November 12, 1986

       1:04              I and a couple of others discover small, furry empathic/telepathic creatures that would bond with an individual on a one-to-one basis. They were terrific. Then problems arose. I think that perhaps there was a nuclear war, showing that the creatures (I forget their species name now) had come too late to save mankind. This was inferred, however, not shown or experienced. Earlier, when I (in my major character role) got my creature, it became apparent that he was different from the first two that had appeared. He seemed more melancholy, even vicious at times; the other two had even tried to interfere with his formation. I finally got him to open up to me; he took me on a mental trip, showing me man's history of evil and abuse throughout his history. Then there was a shift. It was many years later, when all was very nearly over and all hope was gone. I ran into one of my original friends from above who had been the first (or possibly second, as I was third) to receive his creature. I asked after it, and he and his wife told me that it had been killed years before in a household accident. Else before. (G)