Dreaming; Night of
November 2, 1986

       6:05*              2In Arizona. M, R, V and I were riding in my Landcruiser (V and I in the back) after else. We drove down a bit of a desert road, talking as we went. I saw a very large raccoon on the side of the road. Then we passed it and I kept trying to point it out to V, pointing and saying, "There! There!", but he didn't see it, even though it came right out in the middle of the road behind us. It started running after us, and V finally saw it. It grabbed hold of the rear bumper (it must have run very fast) and swung itself up onto the car. The back was open somehow, and it came right in and came over and sat on my shoulder. V and I froze in fear; I didn't move a muscle, afraid it would bite me and give me rabies or something. Then my alarm sounded, and I woke up. I found that my whole body was stiffened, and that I seemed to be experiencing the fight/flight response quite strongly. (H)