Dreaming; Night of
October 28, 1986

       6:27              3Else before. Then I and two others (one a big husky man and the other a pretty, lithe woman) came to a stretch of water that we'd been struggling to reach. We had done something to ourselves that enabled us to breathe underwater, so we just allowed ourselves to sink down and down through the water, until, at last, we reached a brick courtyard in a huge, futuristic city, completely submerged. I was the leader of our little group, and I seemed to have knowledge that the others didn't—I had known of the existence of this underwater city—but these memories were deeply repressed and only recently had begun to come slowly back to me, so I didn't have a much better idea of what was going on than the others and acted mostly (at first) on instinct. We were immediately seized by guards, one of whom evidently recognized me, because while he overtly threatened me with a handgun, he whispered to me not to let on who I was. By this time it was coming back to me that I was the former leader of this underwater world, who had been ousted many years before by those now in charge—I suppose I had been mind-wiped and exiled to the surface world. The next part is vague, but we somehow managed to escape and make our way into a sector in the center of the city and, once inside, sealed ourselves in. Inside, we were no longer underwater, or rather we were but the entire sector was kept free of the water and provided with a wonderfully realistic illusion of sky and sun. The whole place, which was evidently the command center for the city and which the usurpers had evidently been unable to breach in the years of my absence, was in a shambles. We, and some others we'd somehow acquired, quickly set about straightening everything up, putting things back in their places, and repairing everything that was easily and obviously repairable, looking for the defensive systems, while I desperately tried to remember what all the equipment was for and how it worked. The first thing of use we discovered was a closed-circuit camera system with which we could watch the movements of the enemy. Unfortunately, though I turned the unit on, I couldn't recall how to change the picture, so on all of the monitors we had showed one and the same picture—of the enemy's council room, with which we could see and hear them as they plotted their moves against us. In the course of searching through the electronics, I discovered a stereo system. I got it running and played some old (1970s, '80s) music which astounded everyone, who had never heard such a thing. I tried to play the music outside in the rest of the city to produce the same effect on the people there and impress them with our power, but was unable to be sure whether or not I succeeded in this, though I doubted it. Actually, each of the two people I'd brought with me from above separately identified the name of the group when they first heard the music (I forget the name now; it was possibly real, but, if so, was one that I was all but unfamiliar with); it was the other members of our group who were so impressed. After this, we continued to search for a defense, which we knew we'd soon need. There was an inset scene where I was "outside" (still in the command center but not in a building). It was here that the sunlight was so evident. I had taken several blissful breaths of air when my husky friend came by. I told him to take a deep breath, and as he did, you could see his face change to an expression of pure enjoyment, because the air was perfect! Clean and clear and even sweet. I remarked to the effect that if I were to die at that moment it would be worth it for having breathed that air. Back inside, we finally discovered an operable defensive control keyboard. Here, there was a slight shift and my PoV became that of my husky companion. From this viewpoint, I watched myself as I tapped in some coordinates into the keyboard. Everyone was gathered around in anticipation. A few seconds later, a large blue flash appeared way out near the outskirts of the city (we viewed this through a large window which went all the way around this central room and through which we had a view of the entire city), and everyone in the room broke out in cheers and applause. I then saw myself key in some new coordinates, which produced another blue flash closer in, about halfway between us and the outer edge of the city (which radius would have been about twenty miles, it appeared). I, in my new character, then wanted to try, but the leader of the enemy appeared outside the command center, evidently wishing to talk under truce. Someone went out to speak with him in a carefully selected middle ground; I'm not sure whether it was just me (as leader) or whether my original female companion accompanied me—my PoV remained behind. Perhaps a bit else. (C)