Dreaming; Night of
October 17, 1986

       5:06              V, I, and several others were on a plane that went down in a backwoods area. We were all okay and made for the nearby town. We were beset by dark, frightening creatures, like a cross between sleestak and wolfmen, sort of. We made our way to a hotel and all piled into one room, blockading the door as best we could (it was, of course, night). We found out that there were several of the gremlin creatures already hidden in the room, the first of which we discovered when I, who had rather taken charge, had V look under one of the beds. Sure enough, when he did, a dark, hairy arm reached out and grabbed him, and we had to free him and chase the creature out. There was a shift to the next morning—somehow we'd survived the night. We all sort of split up. I followed a cute girl to a nearby store, where she bought the last remaining copy of a magazine (with a fantastic cover!) in which she had a story about the above creatures. I began to doubt the reality of what had happened (another shift here) and walked back, now in daylight, to the scene of the occurrence. It was now an old garden home-type house. The two owners (two old women who shifted and became old men subtly as I spoke with them here), who had been there the night before (though not really, as described above), claimed to not know what I was talking about. I went up the steps, across the porch, and into the house. I immediately knew that something wasn't right. Almost immediately, one of the creatures made himself apparent, telling me that there would be no more stories written about them (at this point, it was as though I'd written the story) and that they were now connected with me somehow (this was the first speech I'd heard from them, indicative of the shifting nature of this dream). There was some sort of chase scene. Then I discovered a baby of the creatures. I picked him up (it was only about six inches long) and went into another room and sat down to play with it. It became apparent to me, listening to the creatures in the other room, that they thought I'd left, taking and probably killing their baby for revenge. I let them know otherwise by telling the one, who seemed to be the leader, that the baby was getting feisty, and I handed him over. I asked him if we were friends now, and he nodded rather grudgingly. Then I left. There was a shift to a short scene in a parking lot, then another to me walking down the street in only my underwear, with a white towel in my hands—somehow, a result of the preceding night's experience (obviously another slight shift). PC and one of her friends drove by, then stopped and came over to talk to me. I tried to explain my unclad appearance, but had great difficulty. Another shift. I was walking (now fully dressed, I believe) and came across a couple of people who had been involved in the preceding night's activity. He made a remark about underwear inspection. Then he said something which showed that the creatures knew my address, and, with horror, I realized that I was going to be experiencing their visitations in my own home. I believe there was a slight shift, in which I went back inside the house of above and the creature-in-charge confirmed that they were indeed coming to my home. This dream never had the feel of a nightmare, but rather of adventure, suspense, even amusement. It is interesting that though there were a large number of shifts involved in this dream, they all remained true to the main plot thread. (G)