Dreaming; Night of
October 15, 1986

       7:15*              2Stuff occurred. I became involved with some people in a house. In a fenced-off area of their backyard, they had a creature like a small rhinoceros the size of a pig. It evidently was magical, for I found some self-inflating balloons that, when held by a person, would lift him into the air. I and some others used them to escape from the woman of the house and set off in two groups across the sky, I and another guy in the lead. After a while, our balloons seemed to become rather weak. I set down in a building and asked a woman there where the nearest motel was (I was supposed to meet someone there). She said it was three hundred miles back the way I'd come, so I gave up on that. I went over to a food counter to buy some gum. At first, the guy tried to give me some sort of rice cake concoction, but finally he gave me a pack of pink Bubble Yum and even threw in a bit of chocolate candy free. We took off again, using the gum to add strength to our deteriorating balloons. Finally, they would hold us aloft no more and we went down in a rather seedy section of an odd town. After we landed, a scantily-clad blonde (evidently a prostitute) and two scruffy-looking guys (evidently crooks) passed by us. We tried to speak with them, but they told us to bug off. We went into a ramshackle wooden building and found a row of open commodes set in the mud of the floor. Little else. (G)