Dreaming; Night of
September 25, 1986

       7:05              Else before. I met a fantastic girl. We and others were in a science class and I was neglecting my assignment until the last minute. She volunteered to help me and I accepted. Stuff happened, and there was either forgotten more here or a slight shift. She showed me through a secret entrance into a series of subterranean chambers filled with light and color. Several of them were about half-full of a liquid which was wonderful to swim through to get from room to room as one could breathe in it (half-full would be about 20 feet). It turned out that she was some sort of princess from another world and had chosen me to be her prince. Within this underground chamber, all was the most wonderful bliss imaginable. Unfortunately, we had become entangled in a nasty war above ground. She was somehow captured. As I made my way toward her and her captors, war-stricken citizens, recognizing me as a key figure in the war, came up and accused me of not knowing of the terrible results of the war among the masses. I knew, I answered, taking a bloody black boy into my arms to comfort and reassure him. As his tears dried and a new look of hope began to glow on his face and the faces of the others, I straightened and strode mightily over to my love and her captors. I had time before they noticed me to overhear them try to make her let them into the wonder-place below, for they knew of its existence but not how to gain entry. She refused, believing me to still be below. Then they noticed me standing there, my white shirt smeared with the boy's blood. The next part is vague, but, apparently, there was a battle in which all but a couple of the major players on each side were eliminated and in which I believed my girl to have been killed. It was then that I discovered the foe's true aim, to restore to life a long-slumbering warrior-god who also had originally come from the world of my princess. I saw that, unknown to them, their efforts were paying off; he was starting to show signs of life. Well, this part also is a little fuzzy, but somehow one of the remaining "generals" on my side (JG, in point of fact) initiated a struggle against the bad guys, drawing them away from the alien warrior, and I in some way ensured that he would never wake to destroy life (as was his purpose). Then I escaped to the underground chambers. Very sadly, I floated about, occasionally diving to enter another room, exploring a bit as I'd really seen very little of the place on my first visit. I entered one chamber and was stunned to see my love floating toward me in a lovely blue robe, smiling. We had a joyous reunion, and I remarked that I wished the whole place could just blast off from the world in search of greener fields. She answered that indeed it could (apparently it was all a buried ship of some sort) and that it would do so immediately. Then there was a brief scene like a flashforward, showing us on the "bridge" of the ship and me playing with a laughing baby about a year old. (C)