Dreaming; Night of
September 2, 1986

       7:26              4This one was an odd episode of Highway To Heaven, with Michael Landon rebelling against God for some reason. It started with him in a grocery store trying to buy some black licorice. There was an old man (probably 50s) who was trying to dissuade him from his path of rebellion. He called out for God to come, and to everyone's surprise, he did, materializing as fog and lights and a deep voice which said he would not give in to Landon's demands. Then Landon, with the old man trailing along behind, went in search of anti-God activities that he could participate in to show his dissatisfaction. First he thought of looking for a rodeo but then decided on finding a group of devil worshippers. The two somehow made contact with an odd group led by a cute woman, but it never became clear what they were. There was a scene where he poured some orange juice on the floor and the leader drank it with a straw. He then finished the carton and threw it away. A slight shift. A slightly deranged, somewhat overweight man came into the "store" waving a gun. Landon (though I think it may have been "I" at this point) grabbed it, forced it around, and shot the guy numerous times. Rather than dying, however, the guy pulled out two more guns, a dart gun and a water pistol, which I took from him. (G)