Dreaming; Night of
September 1, 1986

       7:00*              3I returned to a sort of resort that my family and I had spent some time at when I was very young. I was sitting at a table with M, who began talking to someone else. A girl came over and stood by me, then motioned for me to follow her. She led me to some of her friends, and we went swimming in a huge circular pool like the show pool at Seaworld. They were going to show me how to water ski and I was getting set up when I saw a fin slicing through the water toward me. After a moment's panic, I realized that it was a dolphin, and I tried to initiate play with it. Then I saw the double fin of a shark approaching and quickly scaled the high wall surrounding the pool, crying out a warning to the others, who began to evacuate as well. I jumped in a couple of times, but it seemed like every time I jumped in the shark was right there so I gave up. I went inside a part of the hotel structure which was under construction. I started talking to a small boy who was about the age I had been when I'd been there before (5 or 6). I remarked that the place had been under construction even back then. Then I ran into one of the guys who had been going to teach me to ski. We talked, and decided that we had been friends the times I'd been here before, but neither of our memories were really strong on the matter. Then he took me through a maze of halls to a special hallway lined with colored rectangles on the wall. He demonstrated and I experimented, remembering that music held some special purpose here, though we'd had more primitive methods of making it when I'd been there before. We continued on, but then someone caught up with him. He didn't want me to be seen by the person so he signalled for me to hide around a corner. (G)
     2Else before. Then M, someone else (V?) and I were in a car, her driving us through an old neighborhood we hadn't been in in years. We were on a second- or third-story level, so M drove out on a platform which had always served as an auto elevator. Unfortunately, age and disuse had gotten to it and it collapsed, sending the car with us inside plummeting to the ground. We were all ok. Else. (G)