reading list


title author date finished type
Dangling In The Tournefortia Bukowski, Charles 7/15/2024 P
Man Who Watched Trains Go By, The Simenon, Georges 7/13/2024 F
Winter Lost Briggs, Patricia 7/12/2024 F
Archeophonics Gizzi, Peter 7/8/2024 P
How To Love In Sanskrit Rao, Anusha & Mahesh, Suhas, eds. and trans. 6/18/2024 P
Bookshop, The Fitzgerald, Penelope 6/5/2024 F
Poetry Comics Snider, Grant 5/26/2024 P
Bookshops & Bonedust Baldree, Travis 5/24/2024 F
Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 4/30/2024 F
Diablo Mesa Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 3/30/2024 F
Spares Smith, Michael Marshall 2/27/2024 F
Area 7 Reilly, Matthew 2/19/2024 F
In Your Face Thomas, Scarlett 2/18/2024 F
Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats DeWeese, Gene & Coulson, Robert 2/16/2024 F
HeartSick Cain, Chelsea 2/11/2024 F
This, The Roberts, Adam 2/9/2024 F
Burying the Wren Rees-Jones, Deryn 2/6/2024 P
When We Cease To Understand The World Labatut, Benjamin 2/3/2024 F
Nothing Doing Corman, Cid 1/30/2024 P
Only Human Neuvel, Sylvain 1/30/2024 F
Waking Gods Neuvel, Sylvain 1/28/2024 F
Sleeping Giants Neuvel, Sylvain 1/26/2024 F
Thing That Is, A Lax, Robert 1/25/2024 P
Noir Moore, Christopher 1/24/2024 F
Morning Star Brown, Pierce 1/21/2024 F
Golden Son Brown, Pierce 1/19/2024 F
Quantity Theory of Insanity, The Self, Will 1/15/2024 F
No Self No Problem: How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up To Buddhism Niebauer, Chris 1/10/2024 NF
Oligarchy Thomas, Scarlett 1/9/2024 F
Exercises In Style Queneau, Raymond 1/8/2024 F
Still Life With Woodpecker Robbins, Tom 12/31/2023 F
Too Like The Lightning Palmer, Ada 12/29/2023 F
Rock, The Stevens, Wallace 12/27/2023 P
Fox & I: An Uncommon Friendship Raven, Catherine 12/21/2023 NF
To 2040 Graham, Jorie 12/21/2023 P
About Poems and How Poems Are Not About Stevenson, Anne 12/14/2023 NF
Feeling Sonnets, The Ostashevsky, Eugene 12/10/2023 P
Quiet Room, The Miles, Terry 12/9/2023 F
System Collapse Wells, Martha 12/6/2023 F
Ice Station Reilly, Matthew 12/2/2023 F
Endarkenment Dragomoshchenko, Arkadii (Ostashevsky, Eugene, ed.) 11/30/2023 P
Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, The Dick, Philip K. 11/29/2023 F
Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone Stevenson, Benjamin 11/25/2023 F
Only Forward Smith, Michael Marshall 11/22/2023 F
Best American Poetry 2023, The Equi, Elaine & Lehman, David, eds. 11/17/2023 P
Nettle & Bone Kingfisher, T. 11/15/2023 F
Second Neurotic's Notebook, The McLaughlin, Mignon 11/12/2023 NF
Works and Days Hesiod (Stallings, A. E., trans.) 11/5/2023 P
Silence Endō, Shūsaku 10/31/2023 F
Wild Sign Briggs, Patricia 10/29/2023 F
Improbable Swervings of Atoms, The Bursk, Christopher 10/29/2023 P
Burn Bright Briggs, Patricia 10/26/2023 F
Dead Heat Briggs, Patricia 10/25/2023 F
Ficciones Borges, Jorge Luis 10/23/2023 F
Best American Poetry 2016, The Hirsch, Edward & Lehman, David, eds. 10/18/2023 P
Fair Game Briggs, Patricia 10/9/2023 F
Hunting Ground Briggs, Patricia 10/6/2023 F
Best American Poetry 2018, The Gioia, Dana & Lehman, David, eds. 10/5/2023 P
Cry Wolf Briggs, Patricia 10/4/2023 F
Before The Coffee Gets Cold Kawaguchi, Toshikazu 9/29/2023 F
Unofficial Rose, An Murdoch, Iris 9/28/2023 F
Prophet, The Gibran, Kahlil 9/27/2023 P
Forever: Poems Longenbach, James 9/25/2023 P
Mahabharata Secret, The Doyle, Christopher C. 9/24/2023 F
Lost Metal, The Sanderson, Brandon 9/22/2023 F
Best American Poetry 2020, The Rekdal, Paisley & Lehman, David, eds. 9/15/2023 P
Baron in the Trees, The Calvino, Italo 9/14/2023 F
How Beautiful The Beloved Orr, Gregory 9/5/2023 P
Neurotic's Notebook, The McLaughlin, Mignon 9/4/2023 NF
Rabbits Miles, Terry 9/2/2023 F
Lover, The Duras, Marguerite 8/29/2023 F
Underland: A Deep Time Journey Macfarlane, Robert 8/28/2023 NF
Are You Dreaming? Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide Love, Daniel 8/28/2023 NF
Now Do You Know Where You Are Levin, Dana 8/27/2023 P
Project Hail Mary Weir, Andy 8/18/2023 F
Check Tolmie, Sarah 8/15/2023 P
Eye of the Bedlam Bride, The Dinniman, Matt 8/13/2023 F
Rhythm of War Sanderson, Brandon 8/11/2023 F
Poems for the Lost Because I'm Lost Too exurb1a (Alexander McKechnie) 8/6/2023 P
Anthology of Modern Japanese Poetry Shiffert, Edith Marcombe & Sawa Yuki 7/31/2023 P
Shipwrecks Yoshimura, Akira 7/31/2023 F
Winter's Gifts Aaronovitch, Ben 7/29/2023 F
Geometry for Ocelots exurb1a (Alexander McKechnie) 7/26/2023 F
Nutmeg of Consolation, The O'Brian, Patrick 7/23/2023 F
Ginkgo Light, The Sze, Arthur 7/22/2023 P
Legends & Lattes Baldree, Travis 7/5/2023 F
My Poems Won't Change the World Cavalli, Patrizia 6/28/2023 P
Doughnut Holt, Tom 6/24/2023 F
When It's A Jar Holt, Tom 6/23/2023 F
Woman in the Dunes, The Abe, Kōbō 6/21/2023 F
Titanium Noir Harkaway, Nick 6/20/2023 F
Correction Bernhard, Thomas 6/19/2023 F
How Do You Live? Yoshino, Genzaburo 6/17/2023 F
Antidote Van Landingham, Corey 6/15/2023 P
Paris Nocturne Modiano, Patrick 6/14/2023 F
Lonely Castle in the Mirror Tsujimura, Mizuki 6/12/2023 F
Butcher's Masquerade, The Dinniman, Matt 6/08/2023 F
Dreams Of A Robot Dancing Bee Tate, James 6/07/2023 F
Termination Shock Stephenson, Neal 6/06/2023 F
Gate of the Feral Gods, The Dinniman, Matt 5/30/2023 F
Dungeon Anarchist's Cookbook, The Dinniman, Matt 5/28/2023 F
Carl's Doomsday Scenario Dinniman, Matt 5/27/2023 F
Dungeon Crawler Carl Dinniman, Matt 5/25/2023 F
Ascension Binge, Nicholas 5/20/2023 F
Curious Thing, The Lim, Sandra 5/16/2023 P
Musical Tables Collins, Billy 5/11/2023 P
And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos Berger, John 5/10/2023 NF
Holy Heathen Rhapsody Rogers, Pattiann 4/30/2023 P
If This Book Exists, You're In The Wrong Universe Pargin, Jason 4/29/2023 F
Heaven's River Taylor, Dennis E. 4/27/2023 F
You Will Hear Thunder Akhmatova, Anna (Thomas, D.M., trans.) 4/24/2023 P
Liberation Day: Stories Saunders, George 4/20/2023 F
Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, The Bailey, Elisabeth Tova 4/12/2023 NF
Cabinet of Dr. Leng, The Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 4/8/2023 F
Authority and Freedom: A Defense of the Arts Perl, Jed 4/1/2023 NF
Red Notebook, The Laurain, Antoine 3/31/2023 F
What The Hell Did I Just Read Wong, David 3/28/2023 F
Letter To A Future Lover: Marginalia, Errata, Secrets, Inscriptions, and Other Ephemera Found In Libraries Monson, Ander 3/26/2023 NF
All These Worlds Taylor, Dennis E. 3/18/2023 F
Last Night of the Earth Poems, The Bukowski, Charles 3/16/2023 P
Handful of Dust, A Waugh, Evelyn 2/27/2023 F
Lunatic, The Simic, Charles 2/26/2023 P
I'm Thinking of Ending Things Reid, Iain 2/25/2023 F
War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle, The Pressfield, Steven 2/23/2023 NF
Heliopause Christle, Heather 2/22/2023 P
This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It Wong, David 2/20/2023 F
For We Are Many Taylor, Dennis E. 2/12/2023 F
Tender Buttons Stein, Gertrude 2/10/2023 P
How To Be Perfect: The Correct Answer To Every Moral Question Schur, Michael 1/30/2023 NF
Look Sharif, Solmaz 1/28/2023 P
Prayer For The Crown-Shy, A Chambers, Becky 1/27/2023 F
Best American Poetry 2022, The Zapruder, Matthew & Lehman, David, eds. 1/22/2023 P
Gone World, The Sweterlitsch, Tom 1/20/2023 F
Magpie Murders Horowitz, Anthony 1/12/2023 F
Midnight Library, The Haig, Matt 1/07/2023 F
You Must Remember This Bazzett, Michael 12/30/2022 P
There Is No Antimemetics Division Hughes, Sam (qntm) 12/29/2022 F
In Persuasion Nation Saunders, George 12/28/2022 F
Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and Beyond Chang, Tina, Handal, Nathalie & Shankar, Ravi, eds. 12/27/2022 P
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Taylor, Dennis E. 12/23/2022 F
Amongst Our Weapons Aaronovitch, Ben 12/21/2022 F
Henry and Cato Murdoch, Iris 12/19/2022 F
10:04 Lerner, Ben 12/17/2022 F
Black Cat Bone Burnside, John 12/14/2022 P
Convenience Store Woman Murata, Sayaka 11/30/2022 F
Incarnadine Szybist, Mary 11/30/2022 P
False Value Aaronovitch, Ben 11/30/2022 F
Say Uncle Ryan, Kay 11/10/2022 P
Gone With The Wind Mitchell, Margaret 10/31/2022 F
October Man, The Aaronovitch, Ben 10/25/2022 F
Insomnia Pastan, Linda 10/23/2022 P
Fairy Tale King, Stephen 10/14/2022 F
John Dies At The End Wong, David 10/11/2022 F
Lies Sleeping Aaronovitch, Ben 10/8/2022 F
Logjam Stewart, Arthur J. 10/6/2022 P
End of Mr. Y, The Thomas, Scarlett 10/4/2022 F
Nona The Ninth Muir, Tamsyn 9/29/2022 F
Pepper-Pod: A Haiku Sampler, A Shōson (Kenneth Yasuda) 9/28/2022 P
Hanging Tree, The Aaronovitch, Ben 9/24/2022 F
Furthest Station, The Aaronovitch, Ben 9/23/2022 F
Runaway Horses Mishima, Yukio 9/20/2022 F
Bardo or Not Bardo Volodine, Antoine 9/18/2022 F
Erratic Facts Ryan, Kay 9/17/2022 P
Because It Is Patchen, Kenneth 9/8/2022 P
Foxglove Summer Aaronovitch, Ben 9/7/2022 F
Soul Taken Briggs, Patricia 9/2/2022 F
Dawnshard Sanderson, Brandon 9/1/2022 F
Endarkenment, The McDaniel, Jeffrey 9/1/2022 P
Significant Life: Human Meaning In A Silent Universe, A May, Todd 8/30/2022 NF
Shock By Shock Young, Dean 8/29/2022 P
Broken Homes Aaronovitch, Ben 8/25/2022 F
Our Country Friends Shteyngart, Gary 8/23/2022 F
Selected Poems Das, Kamala 8/21/2022 P
Psalm For The Wild-Built, A Chambers, Becky 8/15/2022 F
Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe, Harriet Beecher 8/13/2022 F
Dream Work Oliver, Mary 8/9/2022 P
Whispers Under Ground Aaronovitch, Ben 8/8/2022 F
Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson 8/4/2022 F
Moon Over Soho Aaronovitch, Ben 7/29/2022 F
Silent Spring Carson, Rachel 7/27/2022 NF
Edgedancer Sanderson, Brandon 7/25/2022 F
Midnight Riot Aaronovitch, Ben 7/23/2022 F
Strike Anywhere Young, Dean 7/21/2022 P
Words of Radiance Sanderson, Brandon 7/19/2022 F
Upgrade Crouch, Blake 7/14/2022 F
Everything Matters! Currie, Jr., Ron 7/13/2022 F
Last Two Seconds, The Bang, Mary Jo 7/9/2022 P
Way of Kings, The Sanderson, Brandon 7/8/2022 F
Pincher Martin Golding, William 6/29/2022 F
Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write, The Orr, Gregory 6/28/2022 P
House Without Windows, The Follett, Barbara Newhall 6/26/2022 F
Paradox Hotel, The Hart, Rob 6/25/2022 F
Coming Into Eighty Sarton, May 6/24/2022 P
Candy House, The Egan, Jennifer 6/23/2022 F
River-Horse: A Voyage Across America Least Heat-Moon, William 6/22/2022 NF
Book of Night Black, Holly 6/18/2022 F
Thirteen-Gun Salute, The O'Brian, Patrick 6/16/2022 F
Momentary Glory, A Shapiro, Harvey 6/14/2022 P
Tower of Swallows, The Sapkowski, Andrzej 6/12/2022 F
Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, A Philosophy, A Warning, The Smith, Justin E. H. 6/10/2022 NF
Traveler Johnston, Devin 6/8/2022 F
Kaiju Preservation Society, The Scalzi, John 6/7/2022 F
Real Charlotte, The Somerville, Edith & Martin, Violet Florence (Ross, Martin) 6/5/2022 F
Light From Uncommon Stars Aoki, Ryka 6/3/2022 F
After All: Last Poems Matthews, William 5/31/2022 P
Return of the Pharaoh, The Meyer, Nicolas 5/28/2022 F
Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols, The Meyer, Nicolas 5/26/2022 F
Canary Trainer, The Meyer, Nicolas 5/25/2022 F
West End Horror, The Meyer, Nicolas 5/25/2022 F
Here, Everything Is Dreaming Moss, Robert 5/11/2022 P & F
Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris, David 3/16/2022 NF
Branch Will Not Break, The Wright, James 3/14/2022 P
Happy Death, A Camus, Albert 3/3/2022 F
Itself Armantrout, Rae 2/28/2022 P
Terminal Uprising Hines, Jim C. 2/25/2022 F
Elegy for a Broken Machine Phillips, Patrick 2/23/2022 P
Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety, A Hall, Donald 2/19/2022 NF
Fugitive Telemetry Wells, Martha 2/16/2022 F
Mars Being Red Bell, Marvin 2/16/2022 P
Mind Is Flat, The Chater, Nick 2/15/2022 NF
ABC of Reading Pound, Ezra 2/5/2022 NF
Goldenrod Smith, Maggie 1/29/2022 P
Poems Wei, Wang (trans. Robinson, G. W.) 1/29/2022 P
Terminal Alliance Hines, Jim C. 1/22/2022 F
Treve Terhune, Albert Payson 1/17/2022 F
Traveling Feast, The Bass, Rick 1/9/2022 NF
Under The Whispering Door Klune, TJ 1/2/2022 F
Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters Pinker, Steven 12/31/2021 NF
Network Effect Wells, Martha 12/30/2021 F
Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, The Fink, Joseph & Cranor, Jeffrey 12/28/2021 F
Alamo Theory Bell, Josh 12/24/2021 P
Scorpion's Tail, The Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 12/22/2021 F
Klara and the Sun Ishiguro, Kazuo 12/21/2021 F
Bell, The Murdoch, Iris 12/17/2021 F
Strange Beasts of China Ge, Yan 11/30/2021 F
Studies In Dreams Arnold-Forster, Mary 11/29/2021 NF
Madwomen: The Locas mujeres Poems of Gabriela Mistral Mistral, Gabriela (Couch, Randall, ed.) 11/24/2021 P
Swim in a Pond in the Rain, A Saunders, George 11/23/2021 NF
Haiku: The Last Poetry of Richard Wright Wright, Richard 11/18/2021 F
Elemental Guide to Poetry and the Workshop, An Ekstrom, Max Roland 11/3/2021 NF
Nice Weather Seidel, Frederick 10/31/2021 P
Old Bones Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 10/30/2021 F
Walk and Other Stories, The Walser, Robert 10/29/2021 F
Jack of Shadows Zelazny, Roger 10/24/2021 F
Best American Poetry 2021, The Lehman, David & Smith, Tracy K., eds. 10/23/2021 F
Letter of Marque, The O'Brian, Patrick 10/5/2021 F
George Washington Fitzgerald, Adam 9/30/2021 P
Shamanspace Aylett, Steve 9/29/2021 F
Galaxy, and the Ground Within, The Chambers, Becky 9/28/2021 F
Bloodless Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 9/24/2021 F
Cathay: A Critical Edition Pound, Ezra & Billings, Timothy, ed. 9/23/2021 P
Ready Player Two Cline, Ernest 9/14/2021 F
Guild Edged Ivory Egan, Doris 8/31/2021 F
Two-Bit Heroes Egan, Doris 7/28/2021 F
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths d'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parin 6/14/2021 NF
Hallelujah Series and Other Poems, The Stewart, Arthur J. 6/5/2021 P
Uncoils a Snake Stewart, Arthur J. 5/21/2021 P
Quiet, Grit, Glory Ray, Ricky 4/24/2021 P
Baptism of Fire Sapkowski, Andrzej 2/28/2021 F
Gate of Ivory, The Egan, Doris 2/26/2021 F
Overstory, The Powers, Richard 1/26/2021 F
H is for Hawk Macdonald, Helen 12/31/2020 NF
Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy Klink, Joanna 12/29/2020 P
Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, A Green, Hank 12/27/2020 F
Elderly Lady Is Up To No Good, An Tursten, Helene 12/23/2020 F
Absolutely Remarkable Thing, An Green, Hank 12/22/2020 F
22nd Gear, The Sirota, Mike 12/20/2020 F
We, the Drowned Jensen, Carsten 12/19/2020 F
Adventures of Mao on the Long March, The Tuten, Frederic 12/18/2020 F
Fortunate Fall, The Carter, Raphael 12/14/2020 F
How To Grow Old Cicero, Marcus Tullius 12/12/2020 NF
Hamnet & Judith O'Farrell, Maggie 12/11/2020 F
Chord Barot, Rick 12/8/2020 F
Ape's-Face Fox, Marion 12/1/2020 F
Every Heart A Doorway McGuire, Seanan 11/30/2020 F
How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy Odell, Jenny 11/29/2020 NF
More Grooks Hein, Piet 11/27/2020 P
Piranesi Clarke, Susanna 11/25/2020 F
Story of the Lost Child, The Ferrante, Elena 11/24/2020 F
Blue Castle, The Montgomery, L. M. 11/20/2020 F
House in the Cerulean Sea, The Klune, TJ 11/18/2020 F
Elantris Sanderson, Brandon 11/14/2020 F
Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, The Stein, Gertrude 11/12/2020 NF
Rain In Portugal, The Collins, Billy 11/8/2020 P
Time of Contempt, The Sapkowski, Andrzej 11/6/2020 F
Conference of the Birds, The Riggs, Ransom 10/31/2020 F
Map of Days, A Riggs, Ransom 10/30/2020 F
Infidel Ali, Ayaan Hirsi 10/28/2020 NF
Reduced To Joy Nepo, Mark 10/26/2020 P
Hex Heuvelt, Thomas Olde 10/24/2020 F
Little Book On Form: An Exploration Into The Formal Imagination Of Poetry, A Hass, Robert 10/22/2020 NF
Malcolm Orange Disappears Carson, Jan 10/21/2020 F
It Happened In Boston? Greenan, Russell H. 10/12/2020 F
Warheart Goodkind, Terry 10/6/2020 F
Severed Souls Goodkind, Terry 10/2/2020 F
Black Prince, The Murdoch, Iris 9/29/2020 F
Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems Snyder, Gary 9/28/2020 P
Third Kingdom, The Goodkind, Terry 9/26/2020 F
Omen Machine, The Goodkind, Terry 9/25/2020 F
Circe Miller, Madeline 9/23/2020 F
My Brother Michael Stewart, Mary 9/17/2020 F
Birds Art Life Maclear, Kyo 9/10/2020 NF
Oblomov Goncharov, Ivan 9/5/2020 F
Harrow The Ninth Muir, Tamsyn 9/1/2020 F
Self Translation Yu, Ouyang 8/30/2020 P
Mexican Gothic Moreno-Garcia, Silvia 8/27/2020 F
Blood of Elves Sapkowski, Andrzej 8/26/2020 F
Grooks Hein, Piet 8/22/2020 P
Madame Bovary's Ovaries: A Darwinian Look At Literature Barash, David P. & Barash, Nanelle R. 8/21/2020 NF
Axiom's End Ellis, Lindsay 8/20/2020 F
Jagannath Tidbeck, Karin 8/15/2020 F
Desperate Characters Fox, Paula 8/14/2020 F
Harpist in the Wind McKillip, Patricia A. 8/1/2020 F
Heir of Sea and Fire McKillip, Patricia A. 7/31/2020 F
Everything Bad Is Good For You Johnson, Steven 7/30/2020 NF
Riddle-Master of Hed, The McKillip, Patricia A. 7/28/2020 F
Reverse of the Medal, The O'Brian, Patrick 7/26/2020 F
Selected Poems Fowles, John 7/25/2020 P
Sword of Destiny Sapkowski, Andrzej 7/19/2020 F
Hermetic Definition D., H. 6/30/2020 P
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow Harari, Yuval Noah 6/29/2020 NF
Season of Storms Sapkowski, Andrzej 6/15/2020 F
War and Peace Tolstoy, Leo 6/10/2020 F
Last Wish, The Sapkowski, Andrzej 6/5/2020 F
Conversations With Friends Rooney, Sally 6/4/2020 F
88 Names Ruff, Matt 6/1/2020 F
Philosophy of Walking, A Gros, Frédéric 5/31/2020 NF
Nod Barnes, Adrian 5/29/2020 F
Crooked River Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln 5/27/2020 F
Falling Awake Oswald, Alice 5/25/2020 P
Grim Tales Lock, Norman 5/23/2020 F
It Had To Be You Nobbs, David 5/22/2020 F
Poetry Will Save Your Life Bialosky, Jill 5/18/2020 P
Gideon The Ninth Muir, Tamsyn 5/17/2020 F
Revisionary Hines, Jim C. 5/4/2020 F
Poem Is You, The Burt, Stephen 4/29/2020 P
Neverworld Wake Pessl, Marisha 4/28/2020 F
Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Bukowski, Charles 4/26/2020 P
Notes To Myself: My Struggle To Become A Person Prather, Hugh 4/24/2020 NF
Unbound Hines, Jim C. 4/19/2020 F
Infomocracy Older, Malka 4/13/2020 F
Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay In Forty Questions Luiselli, Valeria 4/7/2020 NF
Smoke Bitten Briggs, Patricia 4/6/2020 F
Bathing The Lion Carroll, Jonathan 4/1/2020 F
Man Who Was Thursday, The Chesterton, G. K. 3/29/2020 F
Plague, The Camus, Albert 3/23/2020 F
Penguin Book of Japanese Verse, The Bownas, Geoffrey & Thwaite, Anthony, eds. 3/20/2020 P
Magic Christian, The Southern, Terry 3/19/2020 F
Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the Margin of My Time James, Clive 3/18/2020 NF
Alif the Unseen Wilson, G. Willow 3/14/2020 F
Codex Born Hines, Jim C. 3/13/2020 F
Doubter's Almanac, A Canin, Ethan 3/12/2020 F
Lud-in-the-Mist Mirrlees, Hope 3/7/2020 F
Ringmaster's Daughter, The Gaarder, Jostein 2/29/2020 F
Door, The Szabó, Magda 2/27/2020 F
Eternal Enemies Zagajewski, Adam 2/26/2020 P
Humanism: A Very Short Introduction Law, Stephen 2/25/2020 NF
Bonjour Tristesse Sagan, Francoise 2/24/2020 F
Wild Fell Rowe, Michael 2/20/2020 F
Exit Strategy Wells, Martha 2/11/2020 F
Storm Cursed Briggs, Patricia 2/9/2020 F
Strange Library, The Murakami, Haruki 2/1/2020 F
Singularity Sleator, William 1/31/2020 F
Book of Delights, The Gay, Ross 1/30/2020 NF
Starless Sea, The Morgenstern, Erin 1/27/2020 F
Housekeeper and the Professor, The Ogawa, Yoko 1/19/2020 F
Lies of Locke Lamora, The Lynch, Scott 1/18/2020 F
Fall, or Dodge in Hell Stephenson, Neal 1/16/2020 F
Duplex Davis, Kathryn 1/7/2020 F
Sense of Movement, The Gunn, Thom 12/31/2019 P
Magic For Liars Gailey, Sarah 12/30/2019 F
Affair of the Mysterious Letter, The Hall, Alexis 12/29/2019 F
Record of a Spaceborn Few Chambers, Becky 12/28/2019 F
Rogue Protocol Wells, Martha 12/11/2019 F
Far Side of the World, The O'Brian, Patrick 12/5/2019 F
Recursion Crouch, Blake 12/2/2019 F
Ten Thousand Doors of January, The Harrow, Alix E. 12/1/2019 F
Like Stallings, A. E. 11/30/2019 P
Conjuring of Light, A Schwab, V. E. 11/29/2019 F
Virtues of Poetry, The Longenbach, James 11/26/2019 NF
Sow the Seeds of Hemp Jennings, Gary 11/23/2019 F
Gathering of Shadows, A Schwab, V.E. 11/12/2019 F
Best American Poetry 2019, The Jackson, Major & Lehman, David, eds. 10/27/2019 P
This Is How You Lose the Time War El-Mohtar, Amal & Gladstone, Max 10/25/2019 F
Artificial Condition Wells, Martha 10/23/2019 F
Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, The Chambers, Becky 10/22/2019 F
Goblin Emperor, The Addison, Katherine 10/13/2019 F
Damnificados Wilson, JJ Amaworo 10/5/2019 F
Engine Empire: Poems Hong, Cathy Park 10/2/2019 P
Off Armageddon Reef Weber, David 9/28/2019 F
Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form Harvey, Matthea 9/25/2019 P
Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress Pinker, Steven 9/24/2019 NF
Silence Fallen Briggs, Patricia 9/24/2019 F
Pretty Monsters Link, Kelly 9/14/2019 F
Therapy Mammals Methven, Jon 9/13/2019 F
Library at Mount Char, The Hawkins, Scott 9/5/2019 F
Checkpoint Baker, Nicholson 9/1/2019 F
Application for Release from the Dream Hoagland, Tony 8/30/2019 P
Boy's Life McCammon, Robert R. 8/28/2019 F
Peace Like A River Enger, Leif 8/27/2019 F
Kingdom Animalia Girmay, Aracelis 8/23/2019 P
Lab Girl Jahren, Hope 8/22/2019 NF
Dichronauts Egan, Greg 8/20/2019 F
Exaggerated Murder, An Cook, Josh 8/17/2019 F
Old Path White Clouds Thich, Nhat Hanh 8/13/2019 F
The Bees Paull, Laline 8/7/2019 F
Fire Touched Briggs, Patricia 8/5/2019 F
Southern Gods Jacobs, John Hornor 7/31/2019 F
Dart Oswald, Alice 7/29/2019 P
Heavens, The Newman, Sandra 7/26/2019 F
Selected Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo: A Bilingual Edition de Quevedo, Francisco (Johnson, Christopher, ed. & trans.) 7/19/2019 P
Gate At The Stairs, A Moore, Lorrie 7/14/2019 F
Night Broken Briggs, Patricia 7/1/2019 F
After Every War: Twentieth-Century Women Poets (Translated from the German) Boland, Eavan, ed. 6/30/2019 P
Exhalation Chiang, Ted 6/29/2019 F
Talking Pillow Ball, Angela 6/28/2019 P
Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay Ferrante, Elena 6/27/2019 F
Bright Dead Things Limón, Ada 6/23/2019 P
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Red Dwarf   3/17/1994 F
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2/21/1994 F
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Land of Precious Snow Tuleja, Thaddeus 10/18/1992 F
Bridge of Birds Hughart, Barry 10/16/1992 F
Barrayar Bujold, Lois McMaster 10/15/1992 F
Shards of Honor Bujold, Lois McMaster 10/14/1992 F
Autobiography and Other Works, The Franklin, Benjamin 10/13/1992 NF
Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know Hirsch, Jr., E. D. 9/25/1992 NF
Codgerspace Foster, Alan Dean 9/15/1992 F
Of Love and Shadows Allende, Isabel 9/10/1992 F
Forge of God, The Bear, Greg 8/23/1992 F
John the Balladeer Wellman, Manly Wade 8/16/1992 F
Magicians of Night, The Hambly, Barbara 8/6/1992 F
Rainbow Abyss, The Hambly, Barbara 8/4/1992 F
Memory of Earth, The Card, Orson Scott 6/7/1992 F
Light in August Faulkner, William 6/5/1992 F
Beloved Morrison, Toni 6/5/1992 F
One Bach, Richard 6/5/1992 F
In the Palaces of Memory Johnson, George 5/29/1992 NF
Moral Questions
5/15/1992 NF
Fall, The
5/10/1992 F
Ecotopia Callenbach, Ernest 3/22/1992 F
Stories of Eva Luna, The Allende, Isabel 3/18/1992 F
Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals Pirsig, Robert M. 1/27/1992 F
Eva Luna Allende, Isabel 1/25/1992 F
Stranger, The Camus, Albert 1/16/1992 F
Weaveworld Barker, Clive 12/26/1991 F
Control Your Dreams   12/4/1991 NF
Brain Child   8/8/1991 F
Abnormal Psychology: Current Perspectives   8/8/1991 NF
Xenocide Card, Orson Scott 7/14/1991 F
Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 7/9/1991 F
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Pirsig, Robert M. 6/24/1991 F
Dave Barry's Greatest Hits Barry, Dave 5/29/1991 NF
Eleven Mile High Dancer, The Hill, Carol 5/16/1991 F
House of the Spirits, The Allende, Isabel 5/14/1991 F
Vampire$ Steakley, John 5/6/1991 F
Moby Dick Melville, Herman 5/5/1991 F
General in His Labyrinth, The Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 3/4/1991 F
Neon Bible, The Toole, John Kennedy 2/19/1991 F
Birth and Death of Meaning, The Becker, Ernest 2/11/1991 NF
Illusions Bach, Richard 2/3/1991 F
River Wall, The Garrett, Randall 1/26/1991 F
Return to Eddarta Garrett, Randall 1/23/1991 F
Search for Ka, The Garrett, Randall 1/23/1991 F
Well of Darkness, The Weis, Margaret & Hickman, T. 1/22/1991 F
Bronze of Eddarta, The Garrett, Randall 1/20/1991 F
Glass of Dyskornis, The Garrett, Randall 1/17/1991 F
Steel of Raithskar, The Garrett, Randall 1/14/1991 F
Artifact Benford, Gregory 1/5/1991 F
Thoughts and Memories of an Old Cowhand Lynde, Buster 12/23/1990 P
Fall of Hyperion, The Simmons, Dan 12/6/1990 F
Hyperion Simmons, Dan 12/2/1990 F
Sentenced to Prism Foster, Alan Dean 11/16/1990 F
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Robinson, Spider 11/7/1990 F
Sword-Maker Roberson, Jennifer 10/30/1990 F
Sword-Singer Roberson, Jennifer 10/25/1990 F
Sword-Dancer Roberson, Jennifer 10/23/1990 F
Wife For My Son, A Ghalem, Ali 10/15/1990 F
Geek Love Dunn, Katherine 10/11/1990 F
Heir Apparent, The Rosenberg, Joel 9/30/1990 F
Silver Crown, The Rosenberg, Joel 9/29/1990 F
Sword and the Chain, The Rosenberg, Joel 9/25/1990 F
Sleeping Dragon, The Rosenberg, Joel 9/25/1990 F
Chaos: Making A New Science Gleick, James 9/13/1990 NF
Razor's Edge, The Maugham, W. Somerset 9/10/1990 F
Dark Hand of Magic, The Hambly, Barbara 9/5/1990 F
High Wizardry Duane, Diane 8/26/1990 F
Deep Wizardry Duane, Diane 8/25/1990 F
So You Want To Be A Wizard Duane, Diane 8/23/1990 F
Cyber Way Foster, Alan Dean 8/22/1990 F
Galactic Derelict Norton, Andre 8/10/1990 F
Costa Rica   6/24/1990 NF
Western Attitudes Toward Death   6/10/1990 NF
Moviegoer, The Percy, Walker 5/30/1990 F
Dragonsbane Hambly, Barbara 5/22/1990 F
Magic Kingdom For Sale--Sold! Brooks, Terry 5/19/1990 F
Witches of Wenshar, The Hambly, Barbara 5/18/1990 F
Youth and Two Other Stories Conrad, Joseph 5/7/1990 F
Naturalist in Costa Rica, A Skutch, Alexander F. 4/20/1990 NF
Questions They Never Asked Me Percy, Walker 4/11/1990 NF
Diagnosing the Modern Malaise Percy, Walker 4/2/1990 NF
Lost in the Cosmos Percy, Walker 3/29/1990 NF
Treasure of American Short Stories, The
3/26/1990 F
Snow Falling from a Bamboo Leaf: The Art of Haiku Akmakjian, Hiag 3/22/1990 P
On Love and Barley: Haiku of Basho Matsuo, Basho, et al 3/22/1990 P
Rama II Clarke, Arthur C. 3/20/1990 F
On My Way to Paradise Wolverton, Dave 3/17/1990 F
Twist in the Tale, A Archer, Jeffrey 3/11/1990 F
Education of a Wandering Man L'Amour, Louis 1/20/1990 NF
Knight of Shadows Zelazny, Roger 12/28/1989 F
Pornucopia Anthony, Piers 12/16/1989 F
1989 Annual World's Best SF, The Wollheim, Donald A., ed. 11/12/1989 F
Star People, The Steiger, Brad 11/5/1989 F
Saints Card, Orson Scott 11/4/1989 F
Dark Knight Returns, The   9/30/1989 F
Silicon Mage, The Hambly, Barbara 9/9/1989 F
Silent Tower, The Hambly, Barbara 9/3/1989 F
Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, The Adams, Douglas 8/26/1989 F
Japanese Mind, The
8/23/1989 NF
Boulder Dam Grey, Zane 8/17/1989 F
Arslan Engh, M. J. 8/12/1989 F
Neuromancer Gibson, William 8/6/1989 F
Void Captain's Tale, The Spinrad, Norman 8/2/1989 F
Book of Fantasy, The   7/9/1989 F
When Gravity Fails Effinger, George Alec 6/27/1989 F
Coelura, The McCaffrey, Anne 6/21/1989 F
Door Into Ocean, A Slonczewski, Joan 6/20/1989 F
Gene Wolfe's Book of Days Wolfe, Gene 6/18/1989 F
Dragonsdawn McCaffrey, Anne 6/17/1989 F
Satanic Verses, The Rushdie, Salman 6/14/1989 F
Brief History of Time, A Hawkings, Stephen 6/5/1989 NF
Choose Latin America   5/25/1989 NF
Ready About!   5/4/1989 NF
Water Squatters   4/29/1989 NF
Jungle Quest   4/28/1989 NF
Conquest of America, The   4/24/1989 NF
Brazil Bishop 4/19/1989 NF
Brazilian Interior   4/10/1989 NF
Eddy Deco's Last Caper Wilson, Gahan 4/4/1989 F
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Adams, Douglas 3/19/1989 F
Islands in the Net Sterling, Bruce 3/18/1989 F
Prentice Alvin Card, Orson Scott 3/4/1989 F
Tommyknockers, The King, Stephen 2/23/1989 F
Inhuman Condition, The Barker, Clive 2/12/1989 F
My Uncle Oswald Dahl, Roald 1/7/1989 F
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James 12/23/1988 F
Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain Gackenbach, Jayne 12/12/1988 NF
Room of One's Own, A Woolf, Virginia 12/6/1988 NF
Hero With a Thousand Faces, The Campbell, Joseph 12/4/1988 NF
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Khayyam, Omar 11/19/1988 P
Prelude to Foundation Asimov, Isaac 11/6/1988 F
Wuthering Heights Bronte, Emily 10/28/1988 F
Decameron, The Boccaccio, Giovanni 10/20/1988 F
Hero in Tradition and Folklore, The Davidson, H. R. E., ed. 10/17/1988 NF
Return of the King, The Tolkien, J. R. R. 10/1/1988 F
Two Towers, The Tolkien, J. R. R. 9/25/1988 F
Foundation and Earth Asimov, Isaac 9/14/1988 F
Walkabout Woman Roessner, Michaela 9/5/1988 F
Sundiver Brin, David 8/22/1988 F
On Stranger Tides Powers, Tim 8/17/1988 F
Fellowship of the Ring, The Tolkien, J. R. R. 8/12/1988 F
Craft of Science Fiction, The
8/3/1988 NF
2061: Odyssey Three Clarke, Arthur C. 7/21/1988 F
Underground Worlds
7/16/1988 NF
Love in the Time of Cholera Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 7/5/1988 F
Watchmen Moore, Alan 6/6/1988 F
American Caves and Caving Halliday, William R. 5/31/1988 NF
Roads of Destiny Henry, O. 5/19/1988 F
Sphere Crichton, Michael 5/18/1988 F
Venturing Underground: The New Speleo's Guide Lyon, Ben 5/17/1988 NF
Thinner King, Stephen 5/16/1988 F
Islandia Wright, Austin Tappan 4/27/1988 F
Dream Journal Schwartz, Howard 4/26/1988 NF
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern McCaffrey, Anne 4/11/1988 F
Lucid Dreams Green, Celia Elizabeth 4/10/1988 NF
Dragondrums McCaffrey, Anne 3/29/1988 F
Dragonsinger McCaffrey, Anne 3/27/1988 F
Dragonsong McCaffrey, Anne 3/26/1988 F
White Dragon, The McCaffrey, Anne 3/13/1988 F
Dragonquest McCaffrey, Anne 3/12/1988 F
Dragonflight McCaffrey, Anne 3/11/1988 F
Mystique of Dreams, The Domhoff, G. William 3/3/1988 NF
On Dreams Freud, Sigmund 3/2/1988 NF
Hart's Hope Card, Orson Scott 2/24/1988 F
Cardography Card, Orson Scott 2/15/1988 F
In The Flesh   2/10/1988 F
Dream Telepathy Ullman, Montague & Krippner, Stanley 2/5/1988 NF
Sleep and Dreams: A Sourcebook Gackenbach, Jayne, ed. 1/26/1988 NF
Legacy of Heorot, The Niven, Larry & Pournelle & Barnes 1/21/1988 F
Vacuum Flowers Swanwick, Michael 1/17/1988 F
Red Prophet Card, Orson Scott 1/15/1988 F
Earthblood Laumer, Keith 1/7/1988 F
Sun and the Shadow, The Kelzer, Kenneth 1/6/1988 NF
Stormbringer Moorcock, Michael 1/5/1988 F
Bane of the Black Sword, The Moorcock, Michael 1/4/1988 F
Vanishing Tower, The Moorcock, Michael 1/3/1988 F
Under the Eye of the Storm Hershey, John 1/2/1988 F
Weird of the White Wolf, The Moorcock, Michael 1/1/1988 F
Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Moorcock, Michael 12/31/1987 F
Elric of Melnibone Moorcock, Michael 12/30/1987 F
Sign of Chaos Zelazny, Roger 12/29/1987 F
Shadowspawn Offutt, Andrew J. 12/28/1987 F
Vale of the Vole Anthony, Piers 12/27/1987 F
Kindly Ones, The Gaiman, Neil 12/12/1987 F
Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan, The Castaneda, Carlos 11/24/1987 F
Great Gatsby, The Fitzgerald, F. Scott 11/8/1987 F
Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted, The Harrison, Harry 11/3/1987 F
Annals of the Heechee Pohl, Frederick 10/20/1987 F
Wyrms Card, Orson Scott 10/13/1987 F
Leviathan Shea, Robert & Wilson, Robert Anton 10/6/1987 F
Golden Apple, The Shea, Robert & Wilson, Robert Anton 10/1/1987 F
Eye in the Pyramid, The Shea, Robert & Wilson, Robert Anton 9/23/1987 F
Seventh Son Card, Orson Scott 9/15/1987 F
Writers of the Future, Volume III   8/31/1987 F
Uplift War, The Brin, David 8/16/1987 F
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link Asprin, Robert 7/20/1987 F
Little Myth Marker Asprin, Robert 7/19/1987 F
Myth-ing Persons Asprin, Robert 7/19/1987 F
Postman, The Brin, David 7/18/1987 F
Henderson the Rain King Bellow, Saul 7/8/1987 F
Hardwired Williams, Walter Jon 7/4/1987 F
Handmaid's Tale, The Atwood, Margaret 6/29/1987 F
Magician Feist, Raymond E. 6/26/1987 F
Lolita Nabokov, Vladimir 6/8/1987 F
Classic Philip Jose Farmer 1952-1964, The Farmer, Philip Jose 5/20/1987 F
Coming of the Horseclans, The Adams, Robert 5/8/1987 F
Hiero's Journey Lanier, Sterling E. 5/1/1987 F
Shockwave Rider, The Brunner, John 4/22/1987 F
Wall Around A Star Pohl, Frederick & Williamson, J. 4/18/1987 F
Voyage From Yesteryear Hogan, James P. 4/18/1987 F
Farthest Star Pohl, Frederick & Williamson, J. 3/30/1987 F
Mind Parasites, The Wilson, Colin 3/25/1987 F
Canticle for Leibowitz, A Miller, Jr., Walter M. 3/13/1987 F
Stardance Robinson, Spider & Jeanne 2/23/1987 F
Left Hand of Darkness, The LeGuin, Ursula K. 2/21/1987 F
Earth Abides Stewart, George R. 2/15/1987 F
Startide Rising Brin, David 2/8/1987 F
Gilgamesh the King Silverberg, Robert 1/28/1987 F
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Wilhelm, Kate 1/25/1987 F
Ghost   1/25/1987 F
Blood of Amber Zelazny, Roger 1/23/1987 F
Dan Barry's Daughter Brand, Max 1/18/1987 F
Segundo   1/15/1987 F
Goodbye, Mr. Chips Hilton, James 1/13/1987 F
Footfall Niven, Larry & Pournelle, J. 1/3/1987 F
All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque, Erich Maria 12/6/1986 F
Caution! Inflammable!   11/4/1986 F
Fire Watch Willis, Connie 10/26/1986 F
With a Tangled Skein Anthony, Piers 10/24/1986 F
On Writing Nin, Anais 10/21/1986 F
Little Birds Nin, Anais 10/21/1986 F
Stand, The King, Stephen 10/11/1986 F
In Alien Flesh Benford, Gregory 10/8/1986 F
Ancient of Days Bishop, Michael 10/5/1986 F
Spell of the Witchworld Norton, Andre 10/3/1986 F
Perfumed Garden, The Burton, Richard F. 10/2/1986 F
Siddhartha Hesse, Hermann 10/1/1986 F
9/30/1986 F
Monastic Impulse, The   9/29/1986 NF
Night in Funland and Other Stories Peden, W. 9/22/1986 F
La Brava   9/21/1986 F
Veracruz   9/21/1986 F
Swords Against Death Leiber, Fritz 9/15/1986 F
Man Who Was Magic, The Gallico, Paul 9/13/1986 F
Lord Darcy Investigates Garrett, Randall 9/13/1986 F
Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes Hardwick, Michael 9/12/1986 F
Swords and Deviltry Leiber, Fritz 9/10/1986 F
Brothers of Earth Cherryh, C. J. 9/7/1986 F
Awakening Water, The Crosher, G. R. 9/3/1986 F
Ram Song Webb, Sharon 9/2/1986 F
Nightscape   8/31/1986 F
Downtiming the Nightside Chalker, Jack 8/29/1986 F
Santiago Resnick, Mike 8/27/1986 F
Aquitaine Progression, The Ludlum, Robert 8/25/1986 F
Orion Bova, Ben 8/5/1986 F
Wicker Man, The Hardy, Robin 7/4/1986 F
Science Fiction Discoveries   7/4/1986 F
Blood Music Bear, Greg 6/28/1986 F
King Rat Clavell, James 6/26/1986 F
Starworld Harrison, Harry 6/23/1986 F
Wheelworld Harrison, Harry 6/20/1986 F
Homeworld Harrison, Harry 6/17/1986 F
Mojave Crossing L'Amour, Louis 6/10/1986 F
Sackett L'Amour, Louis 6/9/1986 F
Treasure Mountain L'Amour, Louis 6/4/1986 F
Mammoth Hunters, The Auel, Jean M. 5/23/1986 F
Nostradamus Predicts the End of the World   5/10/1986 F
Saga of Grittel Sundotha, The Mayhar, Ardath 5/9/1986 F
Old Reliable, The Wodehouse, P. G. 5/1/1986 F
Butler Did It, The Wodehouse, P. G. 4/29/1986 F
Spring Fever Wodehouse, P. G. 4/27/1986 F
Golem In The Gears Anthony, Piers 4/25/1986 F
Bertie Wooster Sees It Through Wodehouse, P. G. 4/24/1986 F
Return of Jeeves, The Wodehouse, P. G. 4/21/1986 F
None But A Blockhead King, Larry L. 4/16/1986 NF
Giant's Star Hogan, James P. 4/16/1986 F
Gentle Giants of Ganymede, The Hogan, James P. 4/15/1986 F
Inheirit the Stars Hogan, James P. 4/13/1986 F
Earthchild Webb, Sharon 4/4/1986 F
Adversary, The May, Julian 3/31/1986 F
Non-Born King, The May, Julian 3/30/1986 F
Golden Torc, The May, Julian 3/26/1986 F
Many-Colored Land, The May, Julian 3/25/1986 F
Violent Land, The Amado, Jorge 3/20/1986 F
Tough Guys Don't Dance Mailer, Norman 3/17/1986 F
Shabono Donner, Florinda 3/16/1986 NF
Chronicle of a Death Foretold Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 3/10/1986 F
No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 3/6/1986 F
Speaker for the Dead Card, Orson Scott 3/4/1986 F
Witch's Dream, The Donner, Florinda 3/2/1986 F
Innocent Erendira and Other Stories Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel 3/1/1986 F
Anthonology Anthony, Piers 2/21/1986 F
To Die In Italbar Zelazny, Roger 2/17/1986 F
Jungle of Stars, A Chalker, Jack 2/13/1986 F
Stainless Steel Rat Is Born, A Harrison, Harry 2/9/1986 F
Unicorn Variations Zelazny, Roger 2/6/1986 F
Code of the Life Maker Hogan, James P. 2/1/1986 F
Trumps of Doom Zelazny, Roger 1/31/1986 F
Doorways in the Sand Zelazny, Roger 1/28/1986 F
Mythago Wood Holdstock, Robert 1/25/1986 F
Heechee Rendezvous Pohl, Frederick 1/16/1986 F
Gahan Wilson's America Wilson, Gahan 1/15/1986 F
This is a partial list of the books I have read.
I have no documentation for the many finished prior to January 15, 1986.

F/NF/P = fiction/non-fiction/poetry

Current Total:  2428