My first Dream Notebook suffers from remarkably poor recording. It consists largely of fragments, often scribbled hastily in the dark, and I had not yet created my system of content rating. Therefore, rather than present entire dream recordings as I will for other DNs, I will simply list a few representative quotes that should demonstrate the character of my dreaming during this period.

Philippines; find B gone to college, funny dwarf-like people at his house made me think, "I'm going to have nightmares from this."

I was in large family; was in cave trapped by 3 lunatics one with pitchfork I fought. Saved everyone who had been captured.

I was on the rim of a volcano (having just climbed there) (in Italy?) when it erupted.

Had several mixed up dreams. One was me having psi powers (push) at school.

Alien exploratory adventure. Tunnels, streams, etc.

Me and V went to see Carlos Castaneda give a lecture at the library-motel.

I was being hunted down, the world taken over, magic. I was attacked by an elephant.

I dreamt that I was in one dream (but I didn't know it) and I was trying to make myself retrun to another dream (through a series of semi-magical steps). I was successful, and the second dream was about me being a spy in a huge (get lost for two years) cave. I kept reverting from one dream to another.

I was a kind of LR runner where I took capsules, I had an air pressure treatment and then ran to escape my death. I crossed a highway which a voice told me was run by the moon's gravitational forces. I gained an hour's time by crossing the highway. Anything a runner wants, he can be given.

I had numberous dreams, one was I met Carlos Castaneda.

I was working my way up to being an ancient Roman(?) defense minister.

I looked at my hands (both), put them down, picked up right put down, picked up left put down, picked up both and then the dream started fading. I tried to keep it by shifting my attention, but I guess I didn't have enough personal power.

I stopped burglary with ingenious plan.

7ft. 11 man-monster comes, I get caught up between the worlds.

House came alive, had to fight house and super plants with neighbor's blow torch to save family. Long snake-like dinosaur in pool.

Fighting mad scientists in laboratory. They are led by crazy woman. We are a group of school kids on vacation.

King's favorite woman is an hermaphrodite.